Does Ceramic Coating Really Worth It ?

Any automobile, specifically a bike or a car, is a prized possession for every household. After all, one spends a reasonable amount of time and money on purchasing the vehicle they desire. And who does not want there Automobile to always look brand new?

Irrespective of the make or size, be it straight out of the showroom, a few months old or even many years older, almost everyone is obsessed with their bike or car’s exterior appearance.

It’s an absolute put off to see any vehicle in an untidy condition. This is not just related to the exterior cleanliness of the car. But the visible scratches and stains on the car’s surface show how much effort one has put in to maintain the vehicle. One treatment that ensures that your car or bike always looks shiny is Ceramic Coating.


Ceramic Coating also referred to as Nano Coating, uses Carborundum (considered to be one of the hardest materials in existence) in its manufacturing. Originated in the USA, ceramic coat forms a covalent bond with the paint of the vehicle. This creates resistance on the surface of the vehicle that prevents it from chemical etching.

Moreover, ceramic coating products are gradually finding applications on metal parts, plastics, fabric, Cabrio, leather, glass in vehicles due to their suitable property of being scratch and corrosion-resistant (which is not scratch-proof) along with them is an excellent thermal barrier.

The global market size for ceramic coating was valued at $7.08 billion in 2016 and is likely to grow at an estimated CAGR of over 7.2% till 2025.

It is essential to understand that Ceramic coating is different from Teflon coating. Teflon is a fluoropolymer that has a base of synthetic car wax, and this type of coating has a thickness of about 0.2 microns.

Whereas, the thickness of a Ceramic Coating is 2 -5 microns. The durability of a ceramic coated surface is much higher as compared to a Teflon coated surface. Despite the price being on the higher side, car enthusiasts prefer ceramic coating because of its everlasting gloss, hydrophobic effects, durability, and resistance to all types of weather conditions.


1. Coat Lasts Longer

Ceramic coatings provide paint protection for 3-5 years depending upon the brand used and proper care of the vehicle.

2. Enhances the look of the original paint

The ceramic coating increases the depth of the colour, whether it’s the glossy look or the Matte finish. With minimum care, the shine of the paint remains intact in case of glossy finish or Gives a satin finish in case of Matte. Thus the automobile looks new even after many years of use.

3. Acts as a Protection Layer

Ceramic coating provides protection against various sources that damages the paint such as:

Scratches: It is essential to know that ceramic coatings are scratch-resistant and not scratch proof. Ceramic coating lets you remain carefree from scratches caused by bushes, small brushes, etc.

Water: The hydrophobic nature of Ceramic Coating helps water in beading, which allows the water to run off the surface smoothly. This eventually prevents the paint from water spots.

Ultraviolet Rays: UV rays deteriorate the automobile paint over a period of time. The ceramic coating provides protection from UV rays, Thereby prolonging the life of the coated surface.

Chemicals: Car paint gets affected by a lot of harmful chemicals found in generic cleaners, brake fluid, bird droppings. The ceramic coating acts as a shield from the damage these chemicals can cause on the paint.

4. Car Stays Cleaner Longer

Washing your car is the best way of keeping it well maintained. Ceramic coating for cars allows you to remain worry-free as you can afford to keep your vehicle unwashed for a longer duration of time. The vehicle looks cleaner as the amount of dirt that sticks to the surface is considerably less.


Ceramic coating certainly benefits your vehicle and adds value. The professional application is worth an investment as it doesn’t wash away or require repeated applications every month.

If you are looking for professional ceramic coating services, feel free to contact us.

Does Ceramic Coating Really Worth It ?
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