Top 5 Detailing Tips for Keeping Your Car Looking New


How many times do you look at your car and wonder why it can’t retain the same beauty it had when it was new? This is because your car goes through a lot of mar as you continue to drive. Nothing can be more satisfying than somebody appreciating the beauty of your vehicle even after knowing that it is not your new possession.

It is essential to understand that you need to love what you possess, and this love needs to be followed up with proper care and detailing. Your car needs the same love and care.

Here we have listed a few tips that can help your car look younger.

1. Wash it! But with caution

In India, people are obsessed with the everyday wash of their cars. Almost every household has hired a person who would be responsible for washing their vehicles daily. Blame it on the dynamic weather conditions, level of pollution, or the dust factor. Well! Nothing wrong being a cleanliness freak. But it is essential to educate yourself about how often your car should be washed and what is the best way. This is because there is some difference between just keeping your vehicle clean and maintaining the newer look of your car.

A detailing expert will always tell you that car wash should not be done at the cost of damaging your car’s paint because a properly maintained car paint will automatically mean that your car will look newer for a longer time. It is noteworthy that the majority of the damage to the vehicle paint occurs because people do not follow the appropriate washing and drying process.

Though it is recommended to opt for automatic car washes (service offered by auto detailers), following the Two Bucket Washing Method is probably the best technique for manual washing. Instead of using a sponge or regular cloth make use of microfiber wash mitt for washing and microfiber cloth for drying. Use soap or shampoo specifically designed for vehicles.

2. Clay Bar Treatment Can Do Wonders

Claying or Clay bar treatment is one of the safest processes of giving your vehicle a shiny and smooth finish. Clay bars are very effective in removing the toughest of contaminants from your car surface.

Detailing expert considers claying as an essential step before waxing or polishing your vehicle. They know that flat areas like the trunk, hood, and roof of your car are more prone to be affected by contaminants. So claying these areas are extremely important. Claying at least once in six months is advisable so that you can have a long-lasting newer look.

3. Check the Tyres and Rims


Maintaining the shine on the tyres and rims is also essential. They enhance the overall look of your vehicle. It is very typical for the wheels to get covered with tar, brake dust, and other contaminants that are very hard to remove. Make an effort to find an appropriate cleaner or leave this task to your auto detailer.

Make sure the wheel cleaner being used is approved as ‘safe’ for all surfaces. Avoid corrosive cleaners as they can harm a factory wheel’s finish.

Whenever a wheel cleaner is applied, make sure you are allowing the wheels to dry before you take your car out for a drive. While wet, it is bound to attract dirt.

4. Car Waxing or Polishing

Whether you should wax your car or polish it to prevent the paint? This is a very common question people ask. Both have their own set of benefits.

Some detailers would say there is no need to do both. But many would agree that polishing before waxing gives a fantastic shine to the paint.

Apart from waxing and polishing, you can also go for Ceramic coating. This gives an unparalleled shine and protection to the paint’s surface.

5. Interiors are Equally Important


Remember the clean, shiny, and pleasantly smelling interiors when you got your brand new car out of the showroom? Whether you are an avid driver or someone who drives occasionally, wouldn’t you want to feel the same every time you take your car out for a drive? You simply cannot ignore the maintenance of your car interiors, as this is probably one of those spaces where you spend most of your time. The interiors can be kept like new by just being aware of how to take care of them.

The seat covers (leather or any other material) are bound to get dirtier with regular use. Allow your car detailing expert to use an excellent quality interior spray detailer. You cannot avoid dust particles from entering your car because you will be continuously getting in and out of your vehicle. Get your car vacuum cleaned at regular intervals as this will remove the dust even from corners not visible to the naked eye. In fact, vacuum cleaning is a DIY task. Get new foot mats if they are too old. Vinyl wipes are great to clean the dashboard and giving it a shiny look. Change the car perfumes whenever required.

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Keep in Mind

There are countless ways on how you can maintain your car to keep it looking new even after years of driving. Apart from just relying on your vehicle’s regular service, you can keep yourself educated on minutest of details. Such as parking in a covered area, not being bothered about bird droppings until next wash, keeping detailing spray and microfiber towel handy with you, etc. These are useful tips to keep your car safe and prevent damages.

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Top 5 Detailing Tips for Keeping Your Car Looking New
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