10 Essential Items A DIY Car Detailing Enthusiast Beginner Must Have

A car detailing enthusiast is someone who likes to be on his own without being much dependent on others when it comes to car care. If you are one such enthusiast, then you would want to understand the practical know-how of maintaining your car’s appearance and health.

Let us look at some must-have items a beginner car enthusiast should possess.

1. Microfiber Cloth/Drying Towel

One of the most common characteristics of a car detailing enthusiast is his obsession with the cleanliness of the car. Even the smallest of spots or accumulation of dirt on the interior or exterior surface of the vehicle can bother him. So one thing that you will always find or is a must-have for a car enthusiast is the Microfiber Cloth/Microfiber Drying towel.

Cleaning or drying your car using a Microfiber cloth is one of the easiest and fastest ways. We have already explained the benefits of Microfiber Cloth in one of our earlier blogs.

2. Applicator Pad

An applicator pad is a small, round, and foamy tool that is used to apply a paste or liquid product. A car lover is aware of the importance of using an applicator pad while waxing or polishing a car.

Every DIY detailing kit includes a set of Applicator Pads. Such pads allow even distribution of liquid or paste, unlike a regular fabric. A car enthusiast knows that a natural fabric can end up damaging the car surface because of its rough texture. An applicator pad remains soft on the surface and cares for the car paint. You will find that all detailing experts recommend the use of applicator pads made from microfiber.

3. Wash Mitts

Wash Mitt or Washing Glove is a pouch-like cleaning cloth that is very useful in rinsing the soap or excess water from a car’s surface. It tends to trap and lifting dust particles from the car surface.

A DIY enthusiast has no qualms in washing or cleaning his vehicle himself. He jumps on every opportunity to keep it away from dust and other contaminants and with washing mitts, he knows how easy it is to maintain the cleanliness. It is even easier to clean the wash mitts as the dust particles do not remain trapped to it like other cloths.

Wash Mitts made from Microfiber is ideal for any vehicle. In one of our previous articles, we explained the Two Bucket Washing Method and how you can do it on your own. Wash Mitt is an essential tool for this kind of washing.

4. Car Shampoo

Just like we shampoo our hairs to keep them clean and healthy, a car’s health is also dependent on the kind of shampoo one uses at the time of washing. There is a wide variety of shampoos available for a car wash in the market. A bad quality shampoo consists of harmful chemicals that can damage the car. It may instantly give you a fantastic wash but can be brutal on the car’s surface.

A car shampoo will not only give the optimum wash but also care for the car’s paint. If you are one of those who love to wash your car yourself, it is always a good idea to use a shampoo as recommended by a trusted detailer.

5. Car Wax

Waxing your car at regular intervals protects it from the damage caused by pollutions, rains, UV rays, etc.

Waxing, though recommended to be done by a detailing expert, can be a DIY activity. Just like shampoos, the type of wax you should be using on your car need to be discussed with an expert in advance.

6.Wheel Cleaner

A car detailing enthusiast will never ignore the wheels of his car. A classy set of wheels add to the overall appearance of the vehicle. Be it your regular wheels or alloy wheels, keeping it clean can be a very challenging task. A car lover knows that just spraying the wheels with water may not be enough to get rid of the contaminants completely.

The upkeep of the wheels using a Wheel Cleaner is just as important as shampoo or glass cleaner explained above. And a car lover (whether or not he enjoys cleaning the wheels) will always make sure that a good quality wheel cleaner should always be included in his car care kit.

7.Glass Cleaner

A person who loves driving will never compromise on safety. And keeping the windshields and other windows clean for better visibility during driving is one of the vital to-do activity for a car detailing enthusiast. He understands that dirty glass also adds to driver fatigue.

Cleaning with just water can leave a messy and streaky finish on the glass. This is the reason for keeping a good quality Glass Cleaner is a must-have to any car detailing enthusiast. He knows he may be required to clean the glass anytime and anywhere.

You don’t need to be an expert when it comes to cleaning the glass. Simply spraying the glass cleaner on the cleaning cloth (preferably microfiber) and appropriately wiping the glass will do the job for you. Follow your detailer’s suggestion to know which is the best glass cleaner for you.

8. Tire Brightener

Tire Brighteners give the wheels of your car a new and shiny look. A car lover understands that untidy tires can lessen the overall look no matter how well you have maintained the other portions of your car. The treads of the tires are bound to get dirty as you drive, but you can give a glossy and clean look to the sides of the tires through tire brighteners.

Having a tire brightener in your car kit urges you to give the tires a classy look after a thorough wash.

9. Vacuum Cleaner

You need not be a car detailing enthusiast to understand that the cleanliness of your car interiors is as important (probably more) as the exteriors. The interiors of the car reflect how sensitive you are towards your personal hygiene. And since you spend most of your time inside the vehicle, keeping it in a healthy condition is extremely important.

A vacuum cleaner can slurp contaminants even from the most difficult corners of your car. This is the reason keeping a handy Vacuum Cleaner is a must-have tool for everyone.

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10. Vinyl Protector

A detailing enthusiast will never overlook the condition of vinyl and rubber surfaces in the interiors of the car. It is natural that such surfaces fade and become brittle by age or exposure to UV rays. So a Vinyl Protector is a must-keep item. It helps in keeping the vinyl and rubber dressings clean and protected. You can keep the dash and door panels in a new-like condition as the vinyl protector covers them with a transparent coating of protection. It also helps in protecting the vinyl on the exterior.

To Summarize

A DIY car enthusiast likes to remain prepared and proactive when it comes to keeping his car in an ideal condition. He is eager to learn the technicalities and always keep himself up-to-date on what all tools he should possess. It is noteworthy that apart from the items mentioned above, enthusiasts are also keen on keeping some other items in their preferred list. These can be a mechanics toolset, cell phone or tablet mount, an excursion road kit, a car tracker; an alert system, a garbage bin, etc.

If you are looking for more information on these car detailing items, do get in touch with us.

10 Essential Items A DIY Car Detailing Enthusiast Beginner Must Have
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