Clay Bar Detailing: Give Your Vehicle A Clay Treat



Remember playing with Clay as kids? Many of us would have used that clay to make a car to play with. But never did we imagine that the same clay can be used to clean a real car. This is indeed true, and the technique is called Claying Your Car or giving your automobile Clay Treat.

The surface of your vehicle is prone to beatings from the environment. Every road trip brings along debris and airborne pollution. Over a period of time, they deteriorate the paint job. Claying improves the paint’s finish. A car has the tendency to collect tar from the road, as well as air and water pollutants. These are more often not visible to the naked eye; they gradually start eating away the car paint. A good wash isn’t enough to clean such residues. So Claying becomes necessary before any wax or sealants are applied in your car.

What is a Clay Treatment and Why do you need it?

It is a process of removing bonded pollutants or dust particles from the surface of your car that does not get removed by regular washing. This is an important prerequisite step before getting your vehicle polished or waxed. The contaminants penetrate the paint finishes, metal, and glass and get stuck on your car through washes, rain and even polishing.

Claying is done with the help of a Clay Bar that gently pulls and lifts the contaminants which get captured in the clay. A designated lubricant is necessary to be used along with the clay bar as it softens the surface to prevent the Clay Bar from causing any damage as it is rubbed across the surface. The detailing clay helps remove pollutants caused by industrial fallout, rail dust, and brake dust.

Clay Treatment Kit

Fine grade detailing clay

This is relatively new to the industry and favorite among enthusiasts who prefer to clay quite often. It removes everything that the medium clay does and at the same time, remains gentle enough to be used monthly or as needed for spot cleaning. This type of clay is ideal for people who are meticulous about having a clean, shiny paint all the time.

Detailing Clay usually comes in 2 to 8 oz. bars. A 2 oz. the bar is good enough to clay three or four vehicles. It can last from 18 months to 2 years if used on the same car.

Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber Cloths are one of the most necessary tools used by car detailing experts. Microfiber is a blend of two materials – polyester and polyamide – helpful in cleaning the toughest of stains.

Detailer Spray/Lubricant

The claying process is effective only when a detailer spray or lubricant is applied on the car surface or the clay bars. The lubricant prevents the clay bar from sticking to the surface or from the damage that the contaminants may cause. For the clay bars to glide smoothly, they are used along with cleaning lubricants. The detailer sprays, when used with the clay bars, give a smooth flow across a variety of vehicle surfaces. Before starting the Claying process (or making use of the Clay Treatment Kit), the car must be washed properly. If not done, you may end up dragging surface filth across the paint, causing swirl marks.

How often should you do a clay bar treatment?

The pollution level in your area plays an essential factor to determine how often you should get your car clay cleaned. In India, where the level of dust and other pollutants is comparatively higher as compared to American and European countries, claying treatment should be done more often.A minimum of once in 6 months is advisable. Otherwise, it is quite easy to determine whether your car needs claying or not. Simply massage your hand along with your vehicle, and if you feel roughness, it’s an indication enough that the car needs a Clay Treatment.Many car enthusiasts even prefer getting their vehicle clay cleaned every month. This is their way of ensuring that they are keeping on top of the tar contamination.

To Wrap Up

If you really care about your car, you should look for doing a clay car treatment. You can contact us for professional auto detailing clay services.


Clay Bar Detailing: Give Your Vehicle A Clay Treat
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