How To Wash Your Car After Ceramic Coating


People in India are quite obsessed with washing their vehicles. It would not be wrong to say that for most of them, washing their car every day is an ideal way to keep it clean. In many small and big cities, you will find that the car owners have hired dedicated people who clean and wash their vehicles. Well, we cannot blame their mindset for this thought process considering the amount of dust and pollutants that their vehicle(s) are usually exposed to.

The concept of car detailing is still alien to a large number of population. Lack of adequate knowledge with respect to various car detailing procedures is one of the main reasons why you would find many car owners feel it is not important to get their vehicle detailed. Even the ones who get their car waxed, polished, ceramic-coated, or protected with PPF do not follow the appropriate car washing technique.

In our earlier blogs, we have covered the benefits of Ceramic Coating and also how to maintain your car once you have got it ceramic-coated. Here we are particularly describing the ideal way of washing your vehicle after Ceramic-coating.

The Curing Process

The most important aspect one must be aware of post ceramic coating is its Curing process. This refers to the time that you must allow the coating to settle down on the car’s paint. You can specifically ask your auto-detailer about the curing period.

The weather conditions, such as the temperature and humidity level of your area, plays a very important role in determining the time that the coating would require to get absorbed by your car’s paint. Normally, it is about a week. Special care is needed during this period.

During the curing process, it is recommended that you:

  • Do not wash your car as it may result in abrasion of the paint.
  • Do not park it under a tree to prevent it from tree sap.
  • Keep it prevented from bird droppings.
  • Avoid polishing or claying the car’s surface.

In case you notice any water spots, bird droppings or tree sap during the curing period, keep a ceramic coating cleaner handy with you that will allow you to gently clean them without harming the ceramic coating. Again, ask your auto-detailer as to which cleaner brand would be best suited for the type of ceramic coating done on your vehicle.

Care post the curing process

The best part about ceramic coating is its self-cleaning property. Maintaining the coating is essential to keep the shine and gloss of your vehicle. How you wash your car after the curing period is completed, plays a very important role in the maintenance of the coating.

Here we share some of the important tips when washing a vehicle that has been ceramic-coated.

# Keep a track of your washing frequency

Post ceramic coating, do not wash your car more than once in a week. If you can give a gap of 10-12 days between washes, it would be even better. The logic behind this is, lesser you touch the coating, lesser are the chances of abrading it. Since the ceramic coating is dust and water repellent, you do not need frequent washing. Try to maintain this frequency even if you are using a car cover. It is because car covers are prone to collect dust that slowly penetrates into the car’s paint.

# Two-bucket washing method is the best

We have time and again recommended this washing method. The same is advised for a ceramic-coated vehicle. To know more about this washing method, refer to our guide 2 Bucket Method – The Magical Way to Clean Your Car.

# Don’t wash in direct sunlight

It is advisable not to wash the car in direct sunlight. Wash it in a shaded area or inside a garage. Early morning or evening hours are the best times to wash a coated vehicle.


# Use a shampoo made specifically for automobiles

Do not just use any shampoo or soap for the washing of your vehicle. You need to be even more careful after getting ceramic-coating. Automotive shampoos are free of any contaminants, chemicals or harsh abrasives.


# While washing follow the top to bottom approach

This washing approach will ensure that you don’t have to wash lower portions of your vehicle again and again. When you reach to the wheels, make sure you are using separate wash buckets and mitts to wash them. The wheel area is prone to accumulation of pollutants like the brake dust, which is nothing but tiny pieces of metal. Using the same wash mitts for wheels and the rest of the car body would mean that you are bringing the harsh metal pieces in contact with the ceramic coating.

# Do not go for automatic wash

This is because the automatic washes use brushes that are highly abrasive. Use of such brushes dull the coating and will eventually void the ceramic coating warranty. If giving a hand wash or two-bucket wash seems difficult, you can even consider the environment-friendly rinse-less washing.

To sum it up

Ceramic coating reduces the need to wash your car as frequently as you would do otherwise. However, this does not mean that the vehicle would not require washing at all. Washing remains an important aspect if you want to ensure longer life of the ceramic coating. Not washing your car would invite the build-up of debris and other contaminants on your vehicle and will ultimately result in damaging the coat and the paint surface.

Loss of shine on your vehicle is an indication that the ceramic coating is not being properly maintained. If you notice reduced hydrophobic effect that is also a sign that you are keeping your ceramic-coated vehicle unwashed for long and you are allowing mud, dirt, and other pollutants to pile up on the coated surface.

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How To Wash Your Car After Ceramic Coating
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