Tips & Tricks To Maintain Windshield

Car owners always want their vehicles to look good. Along with the shine, it is also essential that you are maintaining the vehicle, keeping in mind the safety of the passengers. Cleaning and Maintain windshield and other glass portions of your vehicle is another major aspect of car detailing. We have briefly explained this in one of our earlier blogs – Holistic Approach To Maintaining Your Vehicle.

You cannot afford chipped or cracked glasses (especially the windshield). This will not only hamper the overall appearance of your car but will also mean that you are compromising your safety. Keep the glasses clean to ensure that you have a clear view of the road and your car is good to drive.

Let us understand a few reasons why it is important to maintain windshield of your car.

What are the Safety Reasons?

You need not be an automobile expert to understand how essential it is to have good visibility of the road ahead and behind you while you are driving. For driving in the dark, this aspect becomes all the more crucial.

Clear visibility also depends on whether the glasses are free from scratches and cracks as these can be hindrances while you are driving. Remember that prevention is always better than cure. So it becomes utmost important that you get the cracked glass replaced at the earliest.

What are the Protecting Agents?

Your car glass is your shield from the dirt and debris outside. They prevent all such particles from entering into your car. Glass protects your car in the same way as a human body’s immune system. If the glass is well-fitted and free from any cracks, you can keep all the unwanted elements such as rocks, rain, etc. away. It is advisable to wash the glasses of your car with a glass cleaning shampoo handy with you so that the glasses remain dirt free.

How to increase the life of the Wiper Blades?

Clean & maintain windshield helps the wiper blades work well in bad weather. The wiper blades of the car go through a lot of wear and tear as they are installed outside the vehicle. They already go through a lot of beating because of the external contaminants. If there are scratches on the windshield or not kept clean, it affects the working of the wiper blades. While driving in rainy seasons, cleaning the windshield regularly helps the wiper blades function smoothly for a longer duration.

How Adds Durability to the Glass?

Clean glasses keep the glass durable in every weather condition. If you are not caring for the glass, there is a large possibility that you will miss noticing small cracks. Such cracks grow bigger with every day running of the car if timely action is not taken. You can ensure the longevity of the glasses by using a quality microfiber cloth and good cleaning lotion.

Tips To Maintain Windshield & Mirrors

By having a little knowledge and following some simple techniques, anyone can make the windows sparkle. These glass cleaning tips can be useful in getting your windows brilliantly clean without leaving behind any residue, scratches, streaks, or lint.

  1. Choose an auto glass cleaner that does not comprise of alcohol, ammonia, or any toxic fumes producing ingredient. Besides causing health concerns, automotive cleaning products having such harmful ingredients are bad for the environment too. Ask your auto-detailer to apply a glass cleaner that is biodegradable, non-toxic, and 100% recyclable.
  2. Not just the glass cleaner, make sure your auto-detailer is not using any product that has ammonia. This is because ammonia fumes cause rubber, plastic, leather, and vinyl to dry out. They are enough to damage any tint your windows may have. Automobile experts will always advise you to do the homework that will prevent you from destroying your vehicle’s interior while you’re trying to clean windows.

Glass Cleaning Steps

  1. As mentioned above, choose a good quality glass cleaner. This is the first and the most important step for glass cleaning.
  2. Spray the cleaner on a microfiber towel. Avoid spraying directly on the glass, especially in the interior of your vehicle. This will not impact other portions of the car.
  3. It is ideal for cleaning the driver and passenger windows first. Dry them using a microfiber towel.
  • You would find a maximum of smears and streaks on window corners. So don’t ignore such corners.
  • To maintain windshield inner portion is by sitting on the passenger seat.
  • To ensure cleaning the glass to the very top, roll the windows about two inches down.
  • Cleaning the back windows can be challenging. Spray the cleaner on the microfiber towel, drape it around your hand so that you can effectively reach out to every corner of the back window.

To Summarize

Maintain windshield is not just necessary from the hygiene point of view, but it also adds to the overall appearance of your vehicle. Not to forget the safety aspect. Glass cleaning can be taken up as a DIY task that can be done anytime or every time before you are taking your vehicle out for a drive. But while you get your vehicle for its periodic maintenance, make sure your auto-detailer is cleaning the glasses from inside and outside.

If you are looking for more such useful vehicle tips or professional detailing services, do get in touch with us.

Tips & Tricks To Maintain Windshield
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