Holistic Approach To Maintaining Your Vehicle

Your love for someone (or something) is incomplete without the feeling of care. And when the question is about maintaining your vehicle, merely loving it is not sufficient. This love has to be complemented with appropriate care. We are here referring to the maintenance that is essential to keep your vehicle in a healthy condition.

To many of us, maintenance means cleaning the vehicle often, or at the most, taking the necessary action when something unwanted happens to the vehicle.

However, a holistic approach to maintaining your vehicle means the overall care that you should be focussing on irrespective of the make of your vehicle. It is quite common to see people caring for their vehicle when it is new. As it gets older, people tend to take vehicle maintenance for granted. Your vehicle, in fact, demands more and more attention as it gets older.

The need is to educate yourself with certain aspects of maintaining your vehicle that can ensure a long life of your vehicle, lessen the chances of breakdowns, make your drive safer, considerably increase the fuel efficiency, and save a lot of money for you that may otherwise become inevitable.

Let us understand what all we can do to make sure of maintaining your vehicle with overall care.

Windshield & Headlights – Can be cleaned anytime

When you drive (and by this, we mean not driving just for the sake of it), you are aware of the importance of keeping the windshield clean. You don’t need to be an expert to understand that you are compromising on your safety if you are driving a vehicle with a bug-splattered and dirty windshield. An uncleaned windshield hampers your view of the road. So make sure you are cleaning it yourself or getting it cleaned regularly.


Note that, using wipers and your vehicle’s cleaning fluid is good as far as wiping off the regular dust accumulation is concerned. But, if you are using this to clean the insect carcasses littered on the windscreen while you are on a long drive on a highway, it will end up creating a big, smeary mess on the glass. Instead, give the windshield a sponge clean along with a cleaning fluid.

The condition of the wipers plays an important role in windshield cleaning. Inspect the wipers every 2-3 months. Get them replaced if you find them not to be cleaning the glass as effectively as they should be.

Follow the same cleaning method for the headlights as well.

Keep a check on the tyre pressure

If you are ensuring good health of the vehicle tyres, you are keeping yourself protected from a lot of hassles. And the best way you can ensure this is by keeping a periodic check on the tyre pressure. Refer to your vehicle’s owner manual to know the appropriate pressure for the front and rear tyres. It can also be seen on the panel inside the driver’s door.


Driving with appropriate tyre pressure adds to the life of the tyres, and you can extract a better fuel efficiency from your vehicle. Note that the tyre pressure fluctuates according to the weather conditions and the amount of driving you are doing.

Ensure appropriate all fluids level

The performance of your vehicle depends to a great extent on how well you are ensuring the oil level of the motor parts. The oil lubricates the components so that they don’t tear and grind themselves into dysfunction. Running your vehicle with inadequate engine oil means you are inviting trouble, and there is a high possibility of a vehicle breakdown.

Similarly, insufficient brake fluid impacts the effectiveness of the brakes. While driving, you would obviously want to avoid any mishap because of not being able to apply the brakes at the appropriate time whenever required.

It is always a good practice to regularly check that your vehicle has enough engine oil, gearbox oil, brake fluid, power steering oil, coolant, etc. The best would be to check every time you are at the fuel station. It is not a difficult task to check these. Top-up these fluids if required.

Try sticking to the maintenance schedule

Every vehicle requires maintenance within a gap of a stipulated timeframe. This is irrespective of how often you take your vehicle out for a drive. Whenever you purchase a new vehicle, it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to educate you about the maintenance schedule to be followed. You can also refer to the owner’s manual to keep yourself informed about the schedule.

If you are driving your vehicle quite frequently, keep a note of the miles/kilometers you have driven since the last maintenance. Usually, it is recommended to get the maintenance done every 10,000/15,000 kilometers (depending on the make of the car) or after a year whichever is earlier. The maintenance includes tyre rotation, oil changes, replacement of transmission fluid, etc. By following the recommended maintenance schedule, you can avoid costly repairs/replacements.

Treat your vehicle as your second home

Just as you clean your home, being sensitive towards your vehicle’s cleanliness is a great way to keep your vehicle maintained. Giving a wash regularly prevents corrosion of your vehicle. We have already covered the benefits of a car wash in our earlier blog.

While it is important to wash your vehicle from outside, maintaining cleanliness inside the vehicle is equally essential. Often people are so ignorant when it comes to the interiors that most of the time, their vehicle looks like a garbage bin.


Clean interiors not only help you create a lasting impression on others, but it impacts your personal hygiene as well. Properly maintained interiors enhance your driving experience by making it more enjoyable and also help reduce stress to a certain extent.

To Conclude

You need not necessarily be an automobile expert to understand the importance of the overall maintaining your vehicle. It needs care, just like a human body. In fact, you can find a lot of similarities between the two – care of your body and care for your vehicle. Both need nutrition – be it in the form of food and water (as required by the human body) or in the form of petrol, oil, or various forms of detailing (as needed by your vehicle).

If you are looking for more such useful vehicle tips or professional detailing services, do get in touch with us.

Holistic Approach To Maintaining Your Vehicle
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