Microfiber Cloth – Safe For Your Car Not For The Dirt

The growing Car Detailing industry has seen many introductions and innovations over the years. Various techniques like Cleaning, Waxing, Polishing, Paint coating, etc. have found their place in the market. With the increase in demand for these car care techniques, many new products have been adopted by detailing experts. One such product that has made its way from household cleaning to something that has been accepted by auto detailers is the Microfiber Cloth.

Microfiber is a combination of Polyamide (a byproduct of Nylon) and Polyester. What makes microfiber a unique product is its interlocking composition that helps in collecting dirt. Car Detailing experts have realized that Microfiber Cloth is more productive as it cleans faster and is very easy to use. Many even consider it to be a magical product for cleaning and drying as it is easy to maintain, can be re-used, and it minimizes the risk of swirls.

Uses of Microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloths are ideal for cleaning cars because of its high absorbency characteristics. Auto experts use them for cleaning, washing, and detailing. They do not result in lint or scratch the paint on vehicles. They can be used for repeated washes and both wet and dry cleaning tasks related to cars.


These cloths are great for polishing the windows and glasses of your car, turning them more reflective and shiny. There is no need to wet the fabric to achieve such an effect.


Microfiber cloths comprise of tiny fibers that are effective in removing the most stringent dirt mark from your car. Wet the fabric slightly to help clean up a stubborn mess, and then scrub the surface without worrying about the chipping of the paint.


Microfiber cloths are made up of nylon and polyester that can buff out wax. Its electrostatic properties can remove more wax and help in speeding up your car waxing process. Regular cleaning cloths usually push out wax on reaching their maximum absorbency, resulting in more mess than a cleaner surface

Wet Wash

Cleaning the wheels of your car can, at times, be the most challenging task. With the help of some water mixed with some automotive shampoo, Microfiber cloths enable you to do this without putting in much effort. They are equally effective in cleaning the windshield wipers and the side glasses. One Microfiber cloth can be used to give your car a wet wash, and another can be used to perfectly dry the vehicle. This will make sure no watermarks are left behind, and the car looks fresh and clean.

Benefits of Cleaning with Microfiber Cloth

There are numerous advantages of wiping, mopping, scrubbing or polishing your car using a Microfiber cloth. Let’s look at a few of them.

Enhances Cleaning

The absorbing quality of a microfiber cloth is believed to be seven times stronger than those of normal cleaning cloths. This is because every inch of microfiber cloth contains over 2,00,000 fibers. Regular fabrics are not effective in picking up every particle of residue or dirt.

Cotton mops and rags that are typically used for cleaning cars does not trap all the germs and dirt or deep clean. The most significant advantage of cleaning with microfiber cloths is that they will not scratch the paint, glass, or mirrors of your car.


The cost of purchasing Microfiber cloths may seem to be expensive as compared to the traditional mops and cleaning cloths. However, their long-life, together with lesser requirements of other cleaning agents and detergents, makes them very cost-effective. You will not need to replace them frequently due to low wear and tear.

Promote a Germ-Free Interior

The interior of your car is prone to a considerable amount of bacteria and germs. Out foot wares can bring in bacteria-laden dirt, and they usually remain on the floor of the cars. Germs tend to multiply in the warm environment of the vehicle, especially when it remains parked.

A study has concluded that Microfiber cloths can lower bacteria by approximately 99 percent. Whereas, other cleaning cloths used for cars can reduce bacteria by only 30 percent. Microfibers can make your car a safe place that does not compromise with your health.


Microfiber cloths have proven to be health-friendly as well. This is because they do not depend on toxic chemical agents to give optimum performance.

Normal cleaning cloths usually require cleaning agents to be used along with them to make the cleaning effective. Such cleaning agents comprise of high levels of toxic chemicals. These chemicals have often been found to be the main reason behind health effects such as hormone disruption, skin, and breathing-related problems, eye infection, and various allergies and in some cases, even cancer.

Microfiber cloths are relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, making them safe from such ailments.


Certain stains on your car may require the use of water, but Microfiber cloth makes sure that a much lesser quantity of water is used in comparison to what traditional cleaning cloths need.


Microfiber cleaning cloths can be considered as one of the most critical innovations in the cleaning industry in the past few decades. Cleaning your car with microfiber cloth means minimal emission of chemical waste and conservation of water. In addition to this, give your car an almost brand new look every time you clean it using microfiber cloth.

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Microfiber Cloth – Safe For Your Car Not For The Dirt
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