R-mour: The Best Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film (PPF) or Clear Bra is a protective film layer on your car’s surface. PPF protects your car’s paint from possible damages caused by rock chips, bug splatter, bird droppings, brake dust, acid rains, and more such external contaminants.

PPF and its benefits have been explained in detail in our earlier blogs – what is Paint Protection Film and what is the best Paint Protection Film Vs Ceramic Coating. Now, we are introducing one of the best types of PPF. To know more about it read the following article

Introduction to R-mour PPF

A good quality PPF is judged by its ability to hold up against the damage that heat and ultraviolet rays (UV) do to your vehicle’s paint. If your vehicle is getting exposed to a lot of direct sunlight, the lifespan of the PPF declines. This is due to the fact that the adhesive below the PPF gets degraded. PPF guards your vehicle’s paint against a lot of damaging particles, but it is important to understand that PPF is not a permanent shield.

Once applied, if the PPF is not maintained properly and is continually exposed to contaminants such as acid rain, bird droppings, etc., it can make the PPF thin. Washing a vehicle with PPF can also become difficult because of its tendency to soak water.

The R-mour PPF has been manufactured to overcome these issues. It eases the vehicle cleaning process by creating a barrier between the film and the coating that prevents pollutants from getting into the PPF.

With R-mour PPF, be assured of making your car surface resistant to UV and other chemicals. R-mour PPF is a clear, nano-ceramic liquid, and a multi-layered coating that makes the car surface slick and acts as a flexible glass shield.

Why Choose R-mour PPF?

The properties of R-mour PPF make it one of the most sought-after PPF brands in India. The salient features of R-mour PPF have been explained below.

R-Mour Self-Healing

A sample test of any PPF’s self-healing property is a must before investing in it. When you apply mild heat on the PPF, you should see scratches alleviate. If not, then the PPF is not a self-healing one, and you can conclude that it is not a quality PPF.

R-mour PPF has a superior topcoat that is close to 0.5 mils in size. This topcoat comprises elastomers that are special kinds of polymers. It is when the bond between polymers break; you start seeing scratches on the surface of the PPF. With elastomers, the scratches disappear within a few seconds when treated with mild heat.


A distinctive feature of R-mour PPF is its hydrophobic property. This ensures that a lesser amount of dirt, water spots, debris, bird droppings, and other contaminants will stick to your car. This eventually helps you save a lot of money and time on car washes.


Another feature of R-mour PPF is its thickness, which is 150 microns. Manufacturers spray a clear coat on top of the car’s paint to protect the color of the paint. This is why you see the gloss on the paint. The clear coat is about 30 microns thick. In this sense, the R-mour PPF gives you 5 times protection than that of a clear coat.

Enhanced Optical Clarity and Gloss with R-Mour

A good quality PPF should look as if nothing has been applied on the car’s surface. R-mour PPF has a clarity percentage of 85%, which is higher than many PPF brands available in the market. Apart from clarity, it is also important that the PPF gives an enhanced gloss to the car’s paint. You should specifically ensure that the PPF is not giving an orange peel effect that results in a distorted reflection on the car surface.

There is no harm in checking a sample of the PPF installed properly on the car’s bonnet or a piece of metal. R-mour PPF promises higher gloss, no orange peel effect, and no dullness.


Vehicles in India are usually washed every day. This is because of the roads and climatic conditions here. Most of the time, proper washing techniques are not followed. This makes the PPF go dull quite quickly. A PPF that can resist such torture is considered a good quality PPF.

R-mour PPF is tested against chemicals like Hexane, IPA, Toluene, and Heptane. Not only this, but it is also manufactured to resist stains caused by windshield washing fluid, transmission fluid, motor oil, etc.


R-mour PPF scores are high as compared to the other best-in-class PPF brands and that too within an affordable price range. The installation of R-mour PPF is far friendlier than the other brands. The strength and thickness of R-mour PPF make sure that the paint of the car does not get damaged in case of minor accidents or road mishaps. We believe that all the characteristics mentioned above should be reasons enough for you to try applying R-mour PPF on your vehicle.

If you are looking for professional PPF or other car detailing services in Bengaluru, do get in touch with us.

R-mour: The Best Paint Protection Film
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