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Springs Car Care has been at the forefront of bringing awareness among car owners about the need and benefits of detailing. Since our inception in 2015, we have grown from strength to strength due to the love and support of our valuable customers.

Things we do well

Our trained experts specialise in taking care of your car interiors and exteriors. Leave your car for a detailing job and we will restore it to like-new condition.

Car Exteriors
Car Interiors
Wheel Cleaning

Protects your car surface from UV, scratches, chemicals and extreme heat. Makes the surface hydrophobic and even anti-graffiti.

This service goes beyond a normal wash to make your car look spotless both inside and outside.

Extend the life and beauty of the paint and revitalize the exterior. Get rid of the scratches and get a mirror look.

Protect your bike paint and give it a rejuvenated new look.

Eliminates bacteria and odour in your car air-conditioning system.

Protect your car upholstery against water, coke, coffee and oil based stains.

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