I have been taking my cars to Springs car care for a couple of years. Frankly, I am so used to their quality and attention to detail that I cannot imagine my car being cared for by anyone else. My cars got ceramic treatment and I find this service worth every cent. Definitely, recommend Springs to all automobile lovers.
I’ve always done my car wash and car wax polishing with Springs. I gave my car Ceramic Coating too from Springs. They have a reputation for outstanding quality, honesty, and integrity. I’ve always enjoyed doing business here. Pricing are decent. I will go back here again because of the excellent customer service and high quality products. They really know what is best for your car.

Santosh Shashidharan

Vinay Badri

Wow.. I would like to start my review as wow.This is because of the work done by these people. Amazing job from springs car care.Especially “Prameeth” (owner) he has so much of knowledge about his detailing work.
It’s the second time, me visiting Springs Car Care. They have done polishing on my Polo and absolutely loved the final product. The entire car reflects like a mirror and it looks better than when the car was brand new These people are so friendly and have the best service in reasonable price. Honestly speaking these guys are amazing in their work and they do wonders on the vehicles they get.

Sinto Jacob


Thanks Guys A++ If Carlsberg made car washes… seriously this place is no ordinary car wash, after months of neglecting my Fluence over about 20k miles and parking under a tree my paintwork was a mess. Deposits of tar and tree sap bonded on, no sign of wax and the white paintwork was starting to look yellow!.. well I rolled up on a Saturday lunchtime and asked if there was anything that they could do to improve this and shortly after I drove off with it looking like new inside and out. Tar and sap deposits all removed, washed, vacuumed, polished and waxed. The Fluence is back to pure Platinum and and it now shines as well. The lad working on my car worked incredibly hard and paid meticulous attention to detail, it’s this that makes them stand head and shoulders above any other car wash I’ve visited. Thanks guys A++
When I took the delivery of my Royal Enfield interceptor from show room, for sure the beast it is. But I’m not impressed with the finish of it. Then I came to know about Prameeth from my friend. When I met him, I saw him detailing some other vehicle. Then I understood he is the person who can take care of my Interceptor. Prameeth renewed the new Interceptor. He brought the new out of new, amazing job he does with passion


Sumanth Anand

Awesome detailing and ceramic coating on my 2018 Street Triple RS. Thanks Prameeth for doing a great job!! Highly recommended this place.
Being a bike enthusiast,I got myself a 2018 version Yamaha R3 and I ve started searching to get an extra layer of ceramic protection for my bike. Through some known contacts I came across this person Mr.Prameeth at Springs car care . initially I was little worried about their work. But when I saw them working and the way they care about customer s vehicles I am really impressed. Pestered him with lot of questions and he is really at his toes to answer customer questions with lot of patience.Their work is truly exceptional. I can suggest springs car care as a best choice to anyone for their detailing and ceramic coating.


Aloy Roshan

Prameeth is the nicest person I first met & have been seeing him maintain his cars since my childhood. His knowledge on cars is so exact and reasonable. So let me start off by saying I own a 2010 Ford Figo and I love everything about the car and it was in great condition, but as with any car that starts getting old, it was starting to show some of it’s age. I decided to treat the car to a professional detail service own by my friend who had his BMW, VW – Vento & Polo detailed as well and WOW I did not realize how bad the car was getting with the paint fading and lots of swirl marks. I’m really glad I decided to do this as the car is in much better shape and looks almost like new! I got to know the details from his Instagram account! He explains the process from the comfort of your home and you learn a lot about detailing and the little things about regular maintenance on the car from the detailer, Prameeth. Prameeth is a great guy who takes pride in his work. He definitely goes above and beyond his duties to make sure your baby is taken care of! I had my car delivered with all the possible detailing done within 3 days. It is with zero hesitation that I recommend Springs Car Care for your detailing. I know for a fact that when I need my future cars detailed, I will come only to him.
Maintaining a superbike is one. Getting cleansed is another. After months of research, and trial, I accidentally stumbled upon Springs Car Care. At first go, I was hesitant to get my Kawasaki Z900 washed, call it peculiar, but some of my fellow riders got a ceramic coating done. The professionalism was seen as bright and clear. I decided to get a wash done, and boy, I was mighty impressed. And then I got a ceramic coating + PPF done. Today, my Kawasaki Z900 is 14 months young, and have ridden 17,000+ KM's. I can tell you this - get the same bike just Outta showroom and I'll place next to it. I gotta feeling, mine will shine better.
All thanks to Prameeth, Varun and team.

Sandeep Ramesh


I recently purchased a new bike & was told by my elder brother to go for ceramic coating for extra protection of paint, but was confused as to where to go. My brother used to go at springs car care for car wash, so I had a detailed talk with Prameeth about ceramic coating & detailing. Prameeth & his team worked on my bike and they have done a stupendous job. Springs Car Care used all good premium branded products on my bike. Thanks a ton springs car care team. I would recommend springs car care to everyone.
Did detailing for my Triumph Bonneville T120...very much impressed by their service and quality...good job guys. Keep it up!!
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Jeevan Prakash

Eshaanka Vishwanath

Fantastic experience at Springs Car Care with Mr. Prameeth. The car was damaged but looks brand new and shining now. Very reasonable rate and good return time. I rate them as a perfectionist. From my first call to the day i took the delivery, they were outstanding. Mr. Prameeth was patient and courteous. His communication and level of understanding of a client is really good. Quality of work is simply awesome; they make sure your car is taken care. You just won my trust and i am going to be one happy customer for you. Keep Rocking!!!
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Value I have been a regular visitor to Springs Car Care since a very long time. The car wash team is totally professional, the quality of car wash is just amazing, and compared to any other car wash center's, you wouldn't have to wait for long. I would like to thank Shalika Sharma for her incredible effort to provide a new car feel after every car wash. Great job, guys, Thanks!!

Hyder Shariff

Shailender Singh

It was a fabulous experience visiting this place. They have highly skilled professional & the best part is value for money and attention to detail from the professionals. Got PPE and black wrap for the roof for my Seltos and results are mind-blowing. Highly recommended place.
I had left my Mercedes for ceramic coating. I had a good experience, a very great job from Prameeth sir. I can see a huge difference before and after work.

Haneez Ibrahim

Safia Zafar

Everything related from car wash to interior cleaning, I've got it done from here. Amazing HR and a well-coordinated team. I got my interiors cleaned, and it was as clean as a new car. Definitely could see the change in my car. Recommend anyone looking for a weekly wash and interior cleaning for their car as well as any exterior detailing to be done. This is the spa treatment for your car. Thanks for your commendable service.
When the place is run by Automotive Enthusiasts, you are ensured to have one great experience. One of the most friendly and knowledgeable owners and hard-working team I found at Springs Car Care. Extremely satisfied with their work and would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a great car/bike wash/detailing experience.

Rahul Venkatraman

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