Vehicle Vinyl Wrap: Everything You Need To Know


Vinyl wrapping is a prevalent vehicle-detailing process that aims at giving it a customized look and at the same time protecting its original paint. Vinyl is a thin film that is applied over the paint of your vehicles such as a car, motorcycle or even trucks. If you are one of those who want your vehicle to always have that new look without the need to re-paint, Vinyl Wrapping is the answer.

Earlier, the only way to change the color of your vehicle was to go for an expensive paint job. With the introduction of Vinyl wrapping in the automobile industry, this is now a more viable, safe and inexpensive option.

The global automotive wrap films market size was valued at around $ 2.8 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a rate of around 22% from 2019 to 2025.

Types of Vinyl wrapping

In the last few years, a wide range of vinyl wrappings has been developed that offers virtually unlimited options as far as the exterior of your vehicle is concerned.

Color Change wraps

Vinyl wrap offers a more reliable, affordable and durable range of color options as compared to any other option. Change the color of your vehicle anytime as per your liking.

Vinyl Hood Wrapping

Hood wraps are best to give your vehicle a two-toned unique look. Hood paint that usually gets damaged due to exposure to the sun can be protected or restored to its original look.

Vinyl Roof Wrapping

Just like the hood, the roof of your vehicle is also prone to a lot of damage from direct sunlight. Getting the roof vinyl wrapped can keep it prevented from such damages.

Vinyl Graphics

This gives a tattooed look to your vehicle. Various designs like logos, emblems can be easily applied.

Vinyl Racing Stripes

Usually preferred by people who like to give a sporty look to their vehicle. Single stripe, Dual stripe or Dual stripe with pinstripe accents are different options available for sports enthusiasts.

Vinyl Pinstripes

Pinstripes gives your vehicle a fantastic look when applied to the side panels and edges.

Vinyl wraps for Side Mirrors

The paint on the vehicle’s side mirrors bears the brunt of a lot of damage caused due to road debris and other particles. With the help of vinyl wraps, you can keep the mirrors safe and also look classy.

Benefits of Vinyl Wrapping

Customize your vehicle appearance

Vinyl wraps allow you to give your vehicle the look as you desire. From plain colored to various graphic designs, you can completely change your vehicle’s appearance.

Protects original paint

Vinyl wrapping protects the paint of the vehicle. At the time of reselling your vehicle, the wrap can be easily removed, causing zero damage to the paint.

Options galore

Vinyl wraps are available in every color that eventually compliments your vehicle paint. Wraps that changes color depending on the light are also available. Vinyl wraps can be glossy or have a matte finish, can be applied to the fiber, stainless steel, chrome or even leather surface.

Low cost and application takes lesser time

These are the most significant advantages that make it even more popular. The cost of Vinyl wrapping is far less than getting the vehicle painted. Painting the vehicle and let it dry may take several days to complete, whereas installing the wrap can be done in a couple of days.

Advertising Billboard

For entrepreneurs, Vinyl Wrapping can be a very cost-effective way of promoting their business.

Things you should know

  • It is essential to get your vehicle cleaned thoroughly and let it dry. The dry application of Vinyl wrapping has no margin of error for any kind of leftover dirt, debris or any sort of moisture.
  • Vinyl wrapping can be a tedious process. It is not a DIY job but needs a high level of expertise. Get your vehicle vinyl wrap only through a certified car detailing outlet. The more the cuts and curves, the more complicated it become to vinyl wrap your vehicle. Vinyl wrapping the mirrors can be more complicated than other body parts of the car because of its shape and curves. Disassembling different parts of the vehicle is an ideal way of applying the vinyl wrap.
  • Vinyl Wrapping is all about changing the color of your vehicle without actually re-painting it. So it becomes even more challenging to apply Vinyl wrap appropriately to every corner of the vehicle. It should be so precise that the actual paint underneath the wrap is not visible. In this regard, applying a Paint Protection Film or Clear Bra is far less challenging as it is all about protecting the vehicle’s actual paint by giving it a protective layer.
  • Vinyl wrap is usually applied to the whole vehicle to change its overall appearance. Unlike the application of Paint Protection film that can be done to specific portions to protect it from any damages caused by rock particles or debris.
  • If the original paint of your vehicle is in a bad state, getting a Vinyl wrap would be an excellent idea. In case the vehicle has a dent, then it would be wise to fix the dent first and straightaway apply the vinyl wrap without having to re-paint.
  • It has been found out that 25% to 30% of consumers make purchases based on the advertisements they see on a vehicle that has made use of Vinyl wraps to promote their products or services. Promoting through a moving vehicle has grown to be the second-largest segment of the outdoor advertising industry.
  • The average cost of advertising comes down drastically when it is done through a vehicle that has used vinyl wrapping.


It is a fun way of dressing up your vehicle. Consequences of Vinyl Wrapping are minimal as you can put it on or remove it anytime you want. You can change the appearance of your car whenever you like it; remove the wrapping if you have got bored and replace it to give a new look to your vehicle. And to top it all, it has become the most cost-effective way of advertising.

Vehicle Vinyl Wrap: Everything You Need To Know
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