Want To Keep Your Car Shining? Go For Wax!

Your car paint goes through a lot of damage on a day-to-day basis. The reason behind these damages can be pollution, rains, bird droppings, insect fluids, Ultraviolet (UV) rays and some other factors that we may not even be aware of. So the question arises how we can get rid of this undue stress of car damage that may happen because of factors that are beyond our control?

The answer to this is Car Wax. Wax are natural products that protect and increase the shine of your car when it is applied to the painted surface. It also protects the surface from the corrosion process and helps in avoiding rust.

Car Wax is usually categorized as Natural Car Wax & Synthetic Car Wax. Natural car wax is manufactured using the leaves of the Carnauba plant and often referred to as Carnauba Wax. It is blended with oils and solvents. Synthetic Wax, also known as Paint Sealant, is made of synthetic polymers that stick with paint to provide an artificial layer of protection. Car enthusiasts prefer Carnauba Wax over the Synthetic one.

The global car wax market is expected to be valued at $1,126 million by the end of 2028. Currently, China dominates the car wax market due to the region’s high share of the on-road vehicle fleet. However, India is expected to witness steady growth over the forecast period with 6.5% growth in the vehicle’s production estimated to boost the car wax market.


What does a Wax do and why it makes sense?

Wax makes the surface hydrophobic that creates a layer on the vehicle’s clear coat and protect it from all sorts of pollutants. A good wax will take care of moisture, excessive heat, UV rays and most importantly, it will prevent the normal oxidization process. Applying car wax makes your car – be it new or old – look better.

The advantages of getting your car waxed are tempting enough for anyone to give it a try.

Protection from scratches

Scratches are something that cannot be prevented entirely. An improper car wash or even a minor rub against your car are reasons enough for a scratch to appear. Such scratches can be avoided by giving wax protection to your car.

Gives a glossier look

This is the most common benefit of Car Waxing. And this is the reason behind it becoming the most popular aspect of car detailing. Car wax contains natural oils that help increase shine whenever it is applied to any of its surfaces.

Safeguards paint from dirt

Waxing smoothens the surface of the car. The clear coat layer of the paint gets a shield when waxed appropriately. This makes it difficult for some common dirt particles like bird droppings to stick to the paint.

Cleaning becomes easier

Wax smoothens the car’s surface and creates a protective layer on the paint. This makes cleaning of the vehicle much easier. Since many of the dust particles do not stick, it is easier to wash off any residues.

Keeps the paint maintained

We have to agree that most people judge the maintenance of a car based on how well the paint is reflecting. Fading of paint is a result of neglect and poor protection. Getting your car waxed at regular intervals always helps you in keeping a shiny, clean appearance throughout the life of your vehicle. This also ensures a good resale value of the car.

Ward off Water

The hydrophobic property of wax makes the water to slide off easily. This prevents the formation of water spots on the car paint. Wax adds a layer of protection to an existing layer of clear coat. This gives you maximum protection against paint damage.

Protects against sun damage

UV rays can cause a lot of damage to the original paint over a period of time. Wax helps you protect this damage.

Keeps the car clean and new

The need to wash your vehicle daily comes down significantly if car wax is applied at regular intervals. This is because wax gives a cleaner and newer look to your car for a more expended period.

Helps cover minor imperfections

Waxing helps you to hide minor flaws in the paint. Wax fills the cracks in your car’s paint.

Various Forms of Wax

1. Paste Wax

The oldest form of car wax is Paste Wax. It provides your car with an ultimate glossy shine, owing to the attributes of natural oils it contains. However, its texture is very hard due to which applying it on the car surface is not so easy. To facilitate the application, you may need to keep the engine running for a while to warm up the surface.

2. Liquid Wax

As compared to the Paste Wax, Liquid Wax has a better texture and easy to apply. Hence, people prefer it over the paste wax. Moreover, it has added synthetic polymers because of which it has long-lasting effects. In fact, mostly daily drivers use this wax.

3. Spray wax

For a quick wax job, Spray Wax is the most likely product to be used. However, spray wax is just a filler as it doesn’t last long and easily wears off within a week. So, consider this as an extra layer of wax over the existing one.

4. Colored wax

The colored wax is designed with the theory that wax which is colored the same as your paint color, will protect it by filling the paint defects such as swirls and scratches. But modern paint anyways has a clear transparent coat on top of the base coat. Hence, professionals usually don’t recommend this product. Before we wrap up, let’s take a quick look at How Car Wax is different from Car Polish? • Car Polish helps in removing the impurities from the surface such as dirt, spotting, and scratches. Whereas, Car Wax is used to enhance and protect a previously polished surface. • Car Polish doesn’t protect the paint surface as such. On the other hand, Car wax does protect your car’s paint and should be applied after the car polishing is done.


Undoubtedly Car Wax is one of the best, cost-effective and less labor-intensive option to keep your car shining. All you need to do is choose from the different types and forms of car wax available and reach out to a professional service provider for the ultimate experience.

If you are looking for more info on Car Wax, feel free to contact us.

Want To Keep Your Car Shining? Go For Wax!
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