Wheels And Wheel Well Detailing

Have you ever asked a car enthusiast which portion of the vehicle they find the most attractive? Don’t be surprised if most of them tell you that it’s the wheels. Because they know that stylish and well-maintained wheels detailing enhance the overall look of any vehicle.

Wheels are to a vehicle like shoes are for humans. If you love your car, you know that the upkeep of wheels cannot be ignored. Wheels demand the same amount of care as required by the rest of your vehicle since they take the maximum beating while you drive. But most of the time, the wheels get ignored.

Thankfully, there is Wheel Detailing that comprises of techniques and products required for maintaining the wheels as much as you do for the interiors and exteriors of your vehicle.

Some enthusiasts prefer to keep the factory fitted wheels as they are, and would not bother about changing them. But still, you will find them to be very particular as far as the maintenance of the wheels is concerned. Then there would be those who are crazy about the appearance of the wheels and are not hesitant to change them as per their preference.

There is a wide range of wheels that you can consider customizing your vehicle with.

Chrome Wheels: These are chrome plated wheels that are shiny and reflective because of their clear-coated finish.

Polished (Alloy) Wheels: These are polished aluminium wheels that are duller than chrome wheels. They usually do not have a clear-coat.

Alloy Wheels: These are aluminium wheels often without a clear-coat. They have a duller finish as compared to polished wheels.

Painted Wheels: These are typically silver, white, anthracite, or black coloured wheels with a clear-coat/ base coat/colour coat finish.

Machined Wheels: These are painted wheels with clear-coat machined down to bare aluminium.

Hypercoated Wheels: These are polished and painted wheels with a metallic clear-coat.

Steel Wheels: These are silver or black painted wheels without any clear-coat.

Auto-detailers are aware of the fact that wheel detailing procedures vary depending on the type of wheels installed on your vehicle.

Detailing of wheels include:

1. Wheel Cleaning and Maintenance

Washing the wheels using an automotive shampoo, water, and dedicated wash mitt at regular intervals is the most effective cleaning and maintaining procedure. It works on any kind of wheel finish. Shampoo and water are enough to remove loose pollutants from the wheels. For difficult stains, the use of wheel cleaners becomes mandatory.

Cleaning of inner barrels of your wheels can be challenging. There are chances that wheels have to be removed from the vehicle to clean the inner barrels properly. A detailing brush is used for the deep cleaning of this portion. Professional auto detailers recommend cleaning the wheels’ barrel once in three months.

Some detailers prefer the use of clay bars detailing for smoothening the surface and to get rid of the stubborn brake dust on the wheels.

2. Wheel Polishing

To give a glossy look to the wheels, opt for Wheel Polishing. This will also remove minor imperfections on the surface. Having a clear coat on the wheels is similar to car polishing your vehicle’s paint. Wheels that have a bare metal can be polished using a metal polish to increase the gloss.

3. Wheel Protection

Using wheel protectants on the wheels ensure that they look like new for a long time. Applying sealants or waxing the wheels also act as protectants. There are many benefits of doing this. You get a super slick surface so that brake dust does not get accumulated, wheels can tolerate high temperatures that brakes produce, makes wheel cleaning very smooth, and you can enhance the glossy look of the wheels.

4. Tyre Care

Wheel detailing is incomplete without applying tyre dressing. It is a layering that prolongs the life of the tyres. A professional detailer understands the importance of prepping the tyres before applying a dressing. They know that this minimizes tyre dressing sling and increases the durability of the dressing.

Frequency of Wheel Care and Tyre Care

Every time you clean your vehicle, use shampoo/soap, water, and a dedicated mitt to maintain the wheels. Adding layers of protection can be done once every three months. Similarly, dressing up the tyres is recommended after each wash. You can ask the detailer to use a degreaser if contaminants remain stuck to the tyres.

Wheel Well Detailing

Wheel wells portion of the vehicle is often ignored while cleaning. It can be a big put off no matter how detailed you keep the rest of the vehicle. The best and easiest way of detailing the wheel wells is by removing the tyres.

Wheel Well detailing includes: removing the dirt through pressure wash; applying the all-purpose cleaner, degreaser, or body solvent; using wheel well brush to clean areas that are hard to reach; and finally dressing the wheel wells to keep them restored and protected.

Detailing Components: Essential to the Wheels

A professional detailer understands that cleaning of other components associated with the wheel is also important as far as the overall wheel detailing is concerned. This includes upkeep of brake drums/callipers, suspension, and brake lines. There are dedicated cleaners that help removing dirt or corrosion that gets stuck to these components.

Pay Attention to Wheel Detailing

Care for the wheels as much as you pay attention to other car detailing aspects. Even if you have got the wheels detailed, the health and shine of the wheels depending on the care you take post detailing. It is recommended that you wash the wheels at regular intervals. There is no doubt that wheels are probably the dirtiest part of your vehicle because of their exposure to tar, salt, brake dust, etc. If the wheels and tyres are appropriately detailed, you will be adding the oomph factor to the overall look of your vehicle.

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Wheels And Wheel Well Detailing
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