Wider Brake Pedal – A Feature Of Automatic Transmission Cars


India has witnessed considerable growth in the demand for automatic transmission cars in the last five years. As per an automobile industry estimate published by The Economic Times recently, one in every five cars sold in India today comes with automatic transmission. Out of all the passenger vehicles sold (in the Indian market) last year, 17.3% were automatic transmissions. This share was just 1.4% in 2011.

With the continuously increasing demand, it makes sense to educate ourselves with certain facts about automatic transmission cars. One such fact is that there are four categories of automatic transmission available in cars namely Automated Manual Transmission (AMT), Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), Torque Convertor and Dual-clutch Automated Manual.

Another feature of automatic transmission cars is they have a wider brake pedal. Many people might not even have noticed this. But if you driving an automatic transmission car, and have indeed noticed this, you would have probably not been curious enough to know the reason behind it.

A common conception about this is that since automatic transmission cars do not have a clutch pedal, a larger brake pedal is installed to fill up the empty space. However, the wider brake pedal is deliberately made larger to allow the use of left foot for braking.

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Two Foot Driving – Good or Dad?

People in India are used to drive a manual transmission car where the left foot is used to apply the clutch and the right foot for the brake and the accelerator. People are conditioned to make use of the right foot only even while driving an automatic transmission vehicle. With some practise, the adjustment can be perfected in some time. Scientifically, the use of both the foot while driving also helps in better blood circulation.

Another benefit of using the left foot for brake is that it minimizes the chances of unintended acceleration.

Wider Brake Pedal – A Feature Of Automatic Transmission Cars
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